Chucky Preston SOS Advocate for Women In Sport

SOS are delighted to announce Chucky as SOS advocate for women in sport
Chucky Preston is my name.
I am very ambitious, daring, curious, empathic, very easy to talk too, and I like to put myself out there to try new things.
My day to day hobbies include Snooker, educating myself in various subjects and family time.
I own my own business as a tattoo artist which has been my career for around 15 years.
Currently I am progressing to getting my pilot license, which stemmed from my fear of heights and fear of airplanes.
I don’t smoke or drink anymore which was life choices I had to make.
My family is everything to me, they come first over anything.
As someone who has went through alot of emotions myself, I know how hard it is to drag yourself back up, when you feel you have nothing to get back up for.. I have been there a good fee times, every time,  I have come out stronger, I want people to know that this is just a temporary wave of emotions. I am more than grateful to be able to help those who feel there is no help and encourage women to try sports and feel the benefits.
Chucky Preston
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