Advance Notice

Advance Notice of Face to Face Meetings


SOS are delighted to announce that with effect from November 2021, our face to face meetings, which previously provided such fantastic support for so many, will be resuming, subject to Covid regulations.

Our meetings give everyone a chance to come and listen and speak in a safe space without being judged.  For 2 hours, the shame, stigma and silence which inhibits beneficial discussion is removed.

In the past, we have hosted public and private meetings for small and large numbers – from just 2 on Christmas Day to over 300 in different locations.

As we begin to roll out these meetings, which are designed to bring communities together and develop resilience and provide networking and support opportunities through open discussion, we will be operating initially in England and Wales.

We are keen to operate in areas with diverse communities and are home to people from all walks of life.  SOS is very keen to reach communities that are socially or economically disadvantaged or challenged and also to create cross community meetings that encourage inclusivity from surrounding areas that may not necessarily usually mix together.  In short, we want to bridge any social divides by creating large and diverse communities who can support each other.

If you want SOS to host a meeting in your area, or in your place of work, then please email and we will get back to you with more details.



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