SOS Silence of Suicide, in conjunction with a BBC News correspondent, are looking for someone who has turned to drink and/or drugs,  to tell their story, anonymously, for BBC London News.  Your anonymity is assured if this is what you prefer.

You will need to be London based and this is your opportunity to speak out about your situation, with your safety guaranteed.

Please read the BBC’s summary of what they wish to cover below and then complete the short form underneath.

‘Hello I work for BBC London News and we are very keen to reflect the challenges that people are going through during Covid, with the uncertainty and stress it’s bringing to everyday Londoner’s.

I think it’s important from the perspective that it highlights the problems that need to be dealt with, helps to hold government to account, and also makes people realise that they are not alone. Other people are experiencing the same problems and hopefully they can gain solace and help by seeing these stories.
I would like to speak to people who are turning to drugs and/or alcohol to help them deal with their problems.  I know this is sensitive, so we ensure people are totally anonymous.
I’m also very interested in finding out more about the loan sharks preying on people now.  Again I can provide anonymity on this. Please consider taking the survey on this subject via this website.
I will work in a way that is sensitive to you and as the public service broadcaster we want to hear the real issues – not sugar coated – that Londoner’s are facing.’


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