M Mansfield (Oct 24 2017)

This is the transcript of what Mr Mansfield says on the video in support of the #backto60 campaign, a huge effort by tens of thousands of women who have had their pensions deferred and have lost substantial entitlements.

SOS Is working alongside this group to support and manage the psychological impact that this policy has had on their mental health.

View the full video on the Anna Christian Events YouTube channel by clicking HERE

My Name is Michael Mansfield, I’m a Barrister & I do a lot of civil rights work.
An integral part of that is about Equality the opportunity of fairness & principals, which most civilised Nations adhere to.
However, this Government in the United Kingdom and the one before and the one before that, have been perpetrating what has been called…
 “Day Light Robbery”
Because basically, they have been depriving people men and women, so there is an equality issue there.  Men and women in relation to their pension rights and when they become eligible.

So, for example…
If you were a Women born in 1953, you would have already been eligible to take your pension..£115/17 per week, last year in 2016.
However, if you were born a year later in 1954, you’ve got to wait.
You wouldn’t have got it last year, you wouldn’t have got it this year & you won’t get it until 2019.
Now what this means is it’s been calculated that individual Women are going to be deprived of something like 20 thousand pounds.
All of them working Women, who had a right and an expectation, a legitimate expectation, that they could plan for their retirement effectively
& for their old age, something that has been on everybody’s mind, every Governments’ mind, exhorting people to do exactly that. And when you do it – they take the money away, they whip the carpet out underneath and they are not going to change that policy either.
Now we think and I think particularly that all the women who are in this category..Roughly 500,000, it may be more, born in the 1950’s who are being discriminated against in this way, should come together, whatever the groups are: they come together with one objective, a clear objective,
We deserve and we have earned the money which you are keeping away from us…Now this is not a Government that isn’t short of a million or two when it’s necessary to spend on all kinds of expeditions abroad and some in the United Kingdom.
Now when they want to spend money they can, so this really isn’t about money, that is how it is dressed up, but what it is about is the plight and the almost destitution for this group of women, large group of women.
We all have a collective responsibility towards them and I would urge everybody who is interested and concerned, not just necessarily a victim, to support the campaign #BackTo60 to ensure that the Government have pressure put on them.
Complete the Survey please – already 3000 people have done that on the SOS website, because it is that kind of support which we have seen over the last 2 years in other forums, whether it’s Brexit, or the rise of certain constituencies within the Labour Party and so on…that it is public support that brings about change and ‘I think that CAN happen again’!

Michael Mansfield QC was filmed and recorded by Yvette Greenway.


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