In brief – what SOS Silence of Suicide was doing last week:

In Brief – Coventry SOS Event

We were at Warwick United Reform Church in Coventry, West Midlands on 21st March for our second SOS event within the county of Warwickshire.

Given the limited (just over a week!) opportunity to publicise the event at its new venue, it was very well attended by over 50 people, a credit to our sponsors, Coventry Irish Society, led by Simon McCarthy

Our thanks as always to the Samaritans and SOBS for their attendance, input and support which is hugely appreciated by everyone concerned.

It was a fabulously mixed audience from Students to GPs and the discussions some of the most diverse we’ve experienced so far.  Suicide is a complex, multi-stranded subject to discuss and the audience heard some amazing insights into the subject from people who’d attempted suicide and been bereaved by it, alongside the thoughts and opinions of a local GP and a Coventry University Student who’s doing some interesting and valuable research into the subject.

As always, the time ticked away far too quickly, but almost everyone stayed behind to exchange contact details, discuss the benefits of a hugely successful evening and grab a last cup of coffee before heading home.

We thank everyone for their attendance.

SOS Coventry 21 March
SOS Coventry 21 March


SOS at the Ministry of Justice – Friday 24 March 2017

Last week saw the Prisons and Courts bill proceed to Committee Stage (   ) which coincided perfectly with SOS meeting with two key figures at the MOJ last Friday, to discuss the rising levels of self harm and suicide within prisons, what measures are being taken to remedy the problems and also discuss if, and how, SOS can become involved in providing a talking and listening service, which would hopefully provide a crucial intervention element.

The discussion was extremely positive and there may be scope for SOS to run a pilot project within a designated geographical area (to be decided) in the near future.

We will have further updates on this in the next 2 weeks and will publish the latest news as soon as it is available.










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