Changes to our Helpline Support

Changes to our helpline support phone service, mean that from October 2022, our crisis support helpline will be open every night, Monday to Sunday between the hours of 8pm and midnight.

For anyone in crisis or in an immediate risk situation, our current days and hours remain in force , that is Friday to Monday inclusive.

We have decided to open our helpline on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for all callers who are not in crisis or in an immediate risk situation.  This gives everyone the chance to contact our great team of volunteers and frees up our crisis line for those who may need intervention.

So, if you simply need someone to listen, feel lonely or just want to talk, get in touch with our coffee line volunteers Tuesday-Thursday, 8pm until midnight from 11 October 2022

IF you’ve been affected by suicide & poor mental health, including by bereavement, call & talk to us.

Please make a note of the days to ensure you call at the right time for you, to talk to the right volunteer for you.  However, we will never turn you away if you need immediate support where you are in danger or at risk

Our coffee line volunteers are here only to chat and will ask you to hang up and dial 999 if you are in crisis or immediate risk.  They will be unable to assist you further.

The other great news is our number is the same, no new number to remember or save!!  We remain, as always, here to help you.

Our helpline is here for everyone.

To read more about mental health and suicide,

please go to our  emotional health information page

call OUR HELPLINE 0300 1020 505

Another great service from the #SOSFAMILY

Changes to our phone support Changes to our phone support

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