It seems only yesterday that SOS gained charitable status, yet on 17 November this year, two years will have gone by!

We have been fortunate to have had some outstanding Trustees over the last 2 years and owe Charles Walker MP, Tom Ganner, Gill Tully and Phil Williams huge thanks for their support and input during this period.

All Trustees were appointed on a 2 year term, which will expire on 17th November and it has been agreed that existing Trustees will step down  on or before that date.

SOS will soon be announcing its new Trustees which we hope will reflect the diversity required by any Charity.

Co-Founder Michael Mansfield will remain as a Trustee whilst fellow co-founder Yvette Greenway is stepping down as a Trustee but will work for the Charity, primarily developing existing and new relationships, planning strategies and securing much needed funding.

It’s Time To Stop The Silence

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