Yesterday, SOS had the pleasure of meeting a Charity in our local area called Helping Hands Community Project, led by the amazing Lianne Kirkman and ably supported by a fantastic support team of volunteers.

There are plenty of synergies between SOS and Helping Hands and we spent over 2 hours talking, discussing how we might be able to work together and support each other going forward.

HH assists the communities of Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth, whether they’re homeless, are struggling with their mental wellbeing, have substance abuse issues and so much more.

We’re currently exploring some ideas which will see our combined efforts provide all round support for the vulnerable within our local communities and will announce these when plans are formalised.

Yvette will be visiting HH in the next 2 weeks to speak to, and with, women who have been subjected to domestic abuse.  The effects of any kind of abuse are vast and can make day to day living a real challenge, due to loss of identity, low self esteem and continuous fear, which can result in depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety and many other pyschological problems.  This is an area of special interest to Yvette and she is honoured to have this opportunity.

Updates will follow.

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