Mental Health Awareness Week Day 2 – Congratulations Hope Garner!

It seems only fitting that during this special awareness week, we pay tribute to an amazing young woman who has supported SOS from the beginning and is a firm advocate of encouraging speech over silence whilst slapping stigma in the face in relation to suicide and other mental health issues.

Last Summer, a young lady (and adrenalin junkie!) by the name of Hope Garner did a skydive from an airfield in Nottingham to raise funds for SOS Silence of Suicide and raised over £4,000.  By anyone’s standards, this was a massive achievement.

Hope did the jump in memory of her father who took his own life just 2 weeks after Hope got married.  She felt it was crucial to do something positive and rewarding that highlighted the suicide epidemic whilst encouraging people to speak out and avoid the isolation and desolation that so often accompany people with suicidal thoughts.

Since the jump, we have been in regular contact with Hope and her lovely family, who remain actively supportive of SOS, and were absolutely thrilled when she was nominated for (and subsequently won) Winsford Mayor’s (Steve Smith) Oscars on Friday 21st April 2017 in the Active Cheshire Improving Health Category.  She was up against a long standing and respected local pharmacist and a doctor.

Whilst we applaud everyone who was nominated, in our minds Hope could only ever be the winner.  Rarely do you meet someone who throws themselves with such vigour, zest and enthusiasm into raising awareness of mental health issues.  Hope is a real carer, one of life’s givers, with a permanent smile on her face and no-one deserved an award more than she.  Congratulations Hope!

Here’s what Hope had to say upon receiving her award:

” I was truly surprised and honoured to be nominated for the mayor’s Oscar, let alone win it! I am very proud of what I have achieved, but recognition was not something I ever sought. I could not have gotten to this point without the help of Michael, Yvette and everyone associated with SOS Silence of Suicide. Whilst I may not have personally been suffering with ill mental health, I’m positive that they have helped my mental state by supporting me through this journey. I want to promote anything to do with SOS, not just because I lost my dad to suicide, but because I have dealt with first hand the impact suicide has on people. If more people were aware of it, more accepting of mental health, then suicide could be prevented. Awareness and communication are the first steps into breaking these taboos. And that is what I intend to do.”

Hope Garner Congratulations
Hope Garner collecting her award


At SOS we are overwhelmed by Hope’s generous words and send our sincere thanks for thinking of us on her big night.

Hope’s current position is as Fundraiser for St Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire, which has been providing palliative care to local people since 1988.  Like many other Hospices and Charities, they rely on the good will donations and generosity of the general public to enable them to keep going.

St Luke’s are reaching out to people to take part in their weekly lottery, costing just £1.00, with every penny of profit ploughed back into the Hospice, so you can be certain of where your contributions are going.

Please check out St Luke’s website for full lottery details including T’s and C’s by clicking here

Finally, check out the video from Hope’s skydive last year! Brave as could be!

Congratulations Hope on every single achievement thus far and those yet to come.


Hope Garner Award


Hope and her husband
Hope and her husband













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