Dignity In Dying Campaign

Dignity In Dying Campaign

Dignity In Dying Report, October 2021

SOS Silence of Suicide welcomes the new Dignity in Dying Report which has been released today

The report comes ahead of the second reading of the Assisted Dying Bill which is to be heard in the House of Lords on Friday, 22 October.

It is vitally important that we are all educated about the differences between the assisted dying of terminally ill patients and suicide ideation by those who are emotionally vulnerable and who do not wish to continue living for different reasons

Of course, we all have to be aware of potential risks to individuals if assisted dying is legalised.  As aware as we need to be of the impacts on those who are restricted in making choices and the impacts upon them and their loved ones.

In short, comprehensive, thorough discussion is required and resolutions that protect and respect individuals are needed.

For many, this is a difficult subject to discuss, invoking all kinds of emotions.

But a compassionate society should always be willing to have difficult discussions.

Thank you to Dignity in Dying for their hard work and sensitivity around a highly emotive subject.

You can read the SOS full response to this report below.

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Dignity in Dying Report