For our regular followers, you’ll be aware that Michael and I have visited people affected by Grenfell three times recently, talking, holding, hugging, consoling, but mostly, listening.  You may also be aware we’ve done 2 television interviews and are doing another tomorrow, with Sky News at 4.30pm in the afternoon.

The resilience of the community is a credit to them all.  Despite suffering severe trauma, all sections of society are pulling together in an attempt to console each other.

One of the most frightening things to emerge from the Grenfell tragedy is that materials which are not fire repellent have been used on over 180 high rise buildings to date. I suspect that could increase.

To think, the homes of people in high rise blocks are all potential death traps.

Why has this been allowed to happen?  I don’t care if it’s a Tory, Labour or Lib Dem council as they’ve all made equally bad errors, but how can these people sign off jobs when there are clearly the wrong materials in place, materials banned in other countries..  Whatever happened to risk assessments?  Where they ever done?  Or  was is it simply that through class, equalities are different.  People are perceived as different – trust me on this – unless you’ve had a life changing accident, you have 2 legs 2 arms, one head etc.  So can someone tell me why we label people continuously.  They’re poor class. so have label 1.  Medium class, Label 2.  Elitisit: High class Label 3.

Let’s call to remove these labels, they’re all insulting and utterly rude.  People living in social housing are, fro what I’ve seen, very pleasant, have brains in their heads and can talk as well as you are I.  The only difference between higher and lower class is circumstance.

I take very little comfort that Grenfell started a surge in buildings being checked and identified as dangerous.  Because Grenfell had to happen for the checks to happen.  People lost their lives.  People tried to escape by jumping.  And now, people are still missing, their loved ones desperately waiting for any news.

For certain, mental health following the tragedy needs to be included in the terms of reference that Sir Martin Moore-Bick puts together – that’s IF he’s still kept his post as the rumblings towards him are not pleasant ones, which isn’t suprising given his first words were to limit the scope of the inquiry, in complete contrast to what Theresa May promised.  We know how victims threatening to refuse to proceed until Bick is outed.  You can’t blame them, not an inch.

Today 5 July Michael and I are back on Sky News at 4.30pm discussing Grenfell 3 weeks on.  Do watch if you get chance and please share this article.

Truth, Justice, Accountability.  That’s what the people want.  Let’s all join together and work hard to ensure that’s exactly what they get.

SOS Silence of Suicide are holding a meeting for those affected by Grenfell in the near future.  It will be one of many as we are committed to providing long term support to vulnerable and devastated individuals and families.

The details will not be posted over the internet at this moment, as we wish to keep it a private affair, but we are drawing up some flyers tomorrow night to start the ball rolling!

SOS – Time to Stop The Silence


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