We are all finding things different right now and for many of us, our mental health is not great due to the increasing levels of anxiety throughout the population.

It is perfectly natural to have reactions to change and uncertainty, especially where isolation is concerned, albeit completely necessary in order to help save lifes.

We’ve had a look at some websites to see how they recommend looking after, and stabilising, your mental health during the current virus outbreak.

Hopefully, you will find some of the information and ideas useful.

Please remember, if you need someone to talk to, the Samaritans are available 24 hours a day to listen to you.

British Heart Foundation – read their ideas by clicking HERE

Good Housekeeping – check out their guidance by clicking HERE

Young Minds – always offering great content – see what they say by clicking HERE

The Mental Health Foundation is well worth visiting to see what they say about isolation and mental wellbeing – click HERE

And finally, mental health Charity MIND have some tips on staying mentally well right now. Click HERE to read

Remember, there are so many ways to keep yourself occupied – it just needs a little thought. For example, how often have you been going to ring someone to catch up, never having the time? Well, you have now! Or that book you want to read, but are usually to tired to enjoy? If you enjoy writing, drawing, painting, now is your chance.

Take the benefits that today offers in terms of time to do things that can create a positive upturn in your mental health.


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