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Thank you for visiting our support pages and in particular for reading more about what your donations mean to our charity and how your generosity is allocated.  You can read all about donating safely here.

SOS are a very small charity and are very reliant upon the kindness of the general public and businesses to help us continue helping others.

We support children and adults who are vulnerable through our 0300 helpline and also our face to face support groups, which are re-starting in 2022 following the pandemic.

Everything we do has an associated cost.  From printing of information brochures to writing training courses, travel costs to insurance, accounting to marketing,  scheduling volunteers right through to the delivery of our services.

Not many people realise that in order to apply for grants to cover salaries for example,  or larger project costs, you generally need to show specific levels of turnover to apply from a great many funding sources.  It’s a catch 22.  If you don’t have the income, you’re prohibited from many applications, but to reach the point where you can apply, you need those resources to do that work for you and generate the required income.  Yes, it’s a challenge!

We have just 1 full time paid member of staff and another who works for 20 hours per month.  Everyone else is here on a voluntary basis and we are grateful.

SOS have huge exciting plans – all of which aim to deliver an additional layer of support to those most in need.

But we need your help to get there.

If you can fundraise, donate funds, time, services, in fact anything at all that might be helpful, then please either follow the donate links on the main page or write to us at

However you can gift us, you can rest safe in the knowledge that everything goes back into the planning, formation and delivery roll out of services.

And help us to continue helping others.  Thank you.

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