Prepare Your Safety Plan

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One of the most importantย  and helpful things you can do for yourself is to prepare a safety plan, which you can use to help yourself on a daily basis, or just through the really difficult times.

You can include information such as phone numbers for your GPs and others you are able to talk to as well as things you can do that help to distract your mind.ย  It is your personal safety plan and you can fill in whatever details are helpful for you.

You can either complete one online, or download and fill it in, whichever way is best for you.

Staying Safe has a wealth of really useful information for people struggling to cope for whatever reason, including a blank or online safety plan for you to complete, either on your own, or with someone else to help you.

If youโ€™re unsure how to complete it, or what you might put in it, you can watch a video ofย  mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin completing his and it might perhaps give you some ideas as to what to include in yours.

Dr Alys Cole King explains why you might need a safety plan and exactly what a safety plan is.

You do not have to be experiencing thoughts of suicide to complete a safety plan.ย  In fact, it might be better to prepare your plan when your emotional health is not at its worst.ย  But it is never too late, or too soon, to put one together.