For a few months, SOS Silence of Suicide has been running a mental wellbeing survey on its website at the request of the #Backto60 #OneVoice Campaign.  We believe that today, International Women’s Day, is the ideal time to release our data in full

The aim of the survey was to gather data which would help identify the true psychological impact on women born in the 1950’s , who’ve had their State Pension Age deferred, in some cases by up to six years.

Because of a lack of adequate and fair notice (and for some, no notice at all)  in changes to SPA, the deferrals have cause significant problems for those ladies affected, as they haven’t had time to re-arrange their finances. Many of their issues are well documented – how do they continue to work given a decline in their health, how can they afford to pay their bills?

Until very recently though, the psychological impact on 1950’s women was not openly discussed, even though their mental wellbeing, and how we can support them, should be top of the agenda.

With just under 21,000 responses to our survey, we have collated the data and can demonstrate how severely impacted these women are.

The campaign is ongoing and updates are  available on the  #Backto60 website.

Whilst it is frustrating and unfair that women still have to fight so hard to attain the truth, it is incredibly heartening and positive to note that women steadfastly refuse to give up as they #pressforprogress .


It’s Time To Stop The Silence

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