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Helping Hands Community Charity – Appeal to Local Employers

Today Yvette spoke to female survivors of domestic abuse at the Helping Hands Charity in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, who provide support and facilities for those who have been affected.

As always, the amazing Leanne Kirkman who runs HH was with us and is clearly a hugely important part of these womens’ lives.  She provides so much to so many that I fear she’ll never stop working 24/7!

The age range and background of the women was diverse, which made for interesting discussion.  Despite there being many differences, there were also huge similarities.  The pyschological struggles faced by these women alongside daily living challenges can never be under estimated.

When someone has had their confidence shattered, it can take a life time to regain any self belief.  It’s very true when people say that the worst aspect of domestic abuse is the pyschological element, because it not only affects how you are but who you are.  Physical scars do, to a degree, heal.  The scars from mental abuse always remain and we have to learn to live with them in order to move forward.  But we never forget…..

There is clearly a need for local authorities to ‘step up to the mark’ when abused women contact them saying they have no where to live.  The, all too often line ‘You made yourself intentionally homeless – we don’t have to help you’ line is not only shirking responsibility, but shows a complete lack of empathy and humanity to people who are suffering in a way that, unless you’ve been there yourself, you can never fully appreciate. #tryalittletenderness

Every single one of today’s ladies has a skill, something they can do well, with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  They just need the opportunity.

If you’re an employer in the local area, covering Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and Stratford Upon Avon, then please contact Helping Hands and at least consider speaking to their service users who are ready to take the next step in their recovery.  You’d be helping to rebuild a life and, in some cases, the lives of their children.  How much more rewarding could it be?

Thank you to Leanne, the HH team and the ladies who I spoke to today at the meeting for your staggering bravery in the face of adversity.

NEW!!! Helping Hands Coffee Shop – staffed by volunteers and service users looking to get back into work, this great venue can be found at Smith Street, Warwick, so please show your support – thank you.


Helping Hands Cafe
Helping Hands Cafe


Fundraising & Fun in Kenilworth

What a night this was!  Thanks to Andy Savage who invited Michael and I to speak about SOS to their members and we received a warm welcome and positive feedback after the event.

Leamington and Kenilworth 41 Club members kindly raised £800 from respective club donations and evening raffle. The 41 Club  consists of Ex-Round Tablers that  have a mantra of “making a difference.” and where possible keen to support a range of local good causes such as Helping Hands and now SOS Silence of Suicide due to clear synergies of vulnerable people requiring support in times of need.

Feeling somewhat nervous at being the only female in the room, I was put at complete ease by the wonderful gentleman who’d come to join us for what was an incredible evening.  Our gratitude to these men is immense and we thank each and every one of them for their amazing efforts and interest in our work.

With local business Aston Martin generously donating a ‘factory day for 4-6 people’, the raffle tickets sold easily.  But that wasn’t all, a frame of Snooker with myself was also up for grabs and I shall be playing George Illingwoth – a Kenilworth Town Councillor, at some point.


If anyone wishes to come to our next SOS meeting in Leicestershire, reservations can be made through our events page later this evening.  Keep checking until you see the post – thank you.


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