All the latest from SOS Silence of Suicide, where the work behind the scenes goes on, to ensure we keep delivering our free initiatives as well as looking at ways in which SOS needs to develop, all with everyone affected by suicide in mind.

Latest News this week:

Charitable Status

Plans for SOS to attain charitable status have taken huge steps forward, with two prominent trustees already secured.  Full details will be announced at a later date, after the fun filled form filling process is over!  Michael and I are extremely excited about this phase in the development of SOS.  It will mean we are better placed to seek funding that we can feed into our initiatives and hopefully some research work also.

We also have plans to turn SOS mobile – in the literal, not telephonic sense!  It’s been a long time since I drove anything bigger than an average sized car, but the thought of a 7.5t converted horsebox is growing on me every day, especially as it will allow us to reach potential service users in more remote areas, where transport and accessibility are issues.

It won’t just be members of the public who benefit though, with plans to tour around sports clubs and large capacity venues, providing a safe space for more people.  And of course, it will still be free to our users!

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Charitable Status

Mental Health Network NHS Confederation

Yesterday, we met in London with Professor Sean Duggan, who is Chief Executive of the Mental Health Network of the NHS Confederation and received valuable information and guidance from him.  We wish to extend our thanks not only to Professor Duggan, but to Charles Walker MP who kindly facilitated this meeting and remains supportive of SOS Silence of Suicide and its work.

London Black Cabs

Lastly, SOS were contacted by London Black Cabs, whose drivers are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, together with thoughts and feelings of suicide.  If you’re unaware of the drivers’ plight and issues, then familiarise yourself here: .

We are currently working on organising a date for a driver’s SOS meeting.  This, together with the supreme support the drivers are lending each other, will hopefully give people courage to face the future with hope and positivity, whilst providing the free, safe space for them to talk.












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