We were recently contacted by William McKechnie who sent us a poem he has written called Living Organs

With William’s permission, we are sharing his words which describe the darkness people may feel, but also provokes thoughts and discussion about why people may choose to live.

William’s words are powerful and his truth.  We are therefore putting a trigger warning ahead of anyone reading his poem.

Our thanks and best wishes to William.

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Living Organs Poem

“I am going to kill myself”
A man said this no lie,
“No one will miss me
So it’s better if I die”
“My life isn’t worth living
Nothing is going right,
Only I can stop this pain
If I die here tonight”
Many people tried this
Because life was insane,
Some are now disabled
Yet many died in pain.
You may want to die
But body it does not,
When you cut yourself
Blood will start to clot.
You can swallow pills
Thinking that’s the trick,
But body wants to live
It will make you sick.
Think about your body
Your body is a shell,
Protecting many organs
Who want to live as well.
When you go to sleep
Your organs have a goal,
They want to stay alive
So now they’re in control.
Think about your organs
You have quite a few,
Many die who want to live
Now we’re back to you.
Life has many hurdles
And can cause us pain,
But don’t give up on life
Think about this chain.
Chain is linked together
Father, husband, son,
Mother, sister, daughter
Each and everyone.
Take away one link
Now chain will fall apart,
Circle has been broken
This is just the start.
Chain no longer strong
So much grief they cry,
If you end your life
Another link may die.

William McKechnie

Reproduced with full permission.

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