Mental Health Awareness Week starts in just 15 minutes time – running from 8th May to 14th May 2017 inclusive.

There’s going to be lots of news reports, articles, stories etc, but we came across Mental Health Foundation Website and liked it straight away and think you will too!  All during the week, they’re going to be asking, and trying to identify, exactly why so many of us are living with poor mental health.  Take a look and get involved – there’s lots of great information on the site, from articles, factual information and events that are on during the week, giving you every chance to participate.

We all need to make this week count.  Make some noise and get ourselves not only heard, but listened to.  Collectively, we can force change.  We can make a difference.  It’s down to us all to stop the statistics on suicide, self harm and depression, to name just 3 areas, from spiralling ever higher.

The next few days are a great opportunity to participate in spreading the word, thus helping to eradicate the silence, stigma and isolation.

Michael and I will be hosting a facebook live SOS during the course of the next week.  Full details will be announced tomorrow evening (Monday 8 May 2017), so please keep an eye on our site as well as our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook for all the information you’ll need.

If you’ve any stories you wish us to publish (anonymously if required) or have an audio recording of your story, please email us at marked “Story”.

Also, if you’d like SOS to host an initiative for you in your village/city/town, then drop us a line with your contact details and we’ll get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Mental Health Awareness Week – It’s time to stop the silence

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