Anita Wardle SOS Trustee

Anita joined SOS as a Trustee and is now also our Advocate for Events & Fundraising.

Anita is a Oncology, palliative and end of life therapist living in Liverpool.
Once diagnosed with a terminal illness, many of my clients express a desire to take control of their death, feeling a sense of mourning themselves due to a great loss of control of many aspects of their life.  Often, not wanting to discuss such feelings with their family and friends, as a therapist they feel free from judgement.
I’ve experienced the pressure within many occupational fields and observed friends and family members hit challenging times.  Everyone experience of a dark time or place is different, Job losses, addictions, relationship breakdowns, illness and death of others often release emotions that we’re not programmed to deal with, It’s only with the support and care that we feel in control and able to come through these moments.
I’m very excited to join a fantastic, passionate team and looking forward to what I can bring to the charity.
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