Gary Webster SOS Ambassador

Gary is an actor and writer who shot to fame as Ray Daley, taking on the iconic role of Arthur Daley’s ‘Minder’. He has appeared in some of the UK’s top soaps, most notably winning a British Soap Award  for his portrayal of Gary Costello in Channel 5’s Family Affairs. Most recently he has taken on several critically acclaimed theatre roles, starring alongside Stephanie Beacham in A Princess Undone and Lucy Benjamin in Ruffian on the Stairs. But as Gary knows only too well, an actor’s life can be a precarious one… “Not many actors are lucky enough to be in constant and full time work and when I hit a lean point a few years ago I looked for work elsewhere. It was all going really well until the company I was working for reneged on paying me. As we’d borrowed against it we were suddenly in debt, which escalated until we were homeless and living in Travelodges and B&B’s.” Gary is a published author and recently had his highly emotional account of life in debt featured in ‘The Big Issue’ to universal and critical praise for its searing honesty. “Known for my joie de vie and eternal optimism I found myself battling depression and questioning whether life was actually worth living. It’s an honour to become an Ambassador of SOS and to help raise awareness of mental health issues.”

Gary is happily married to another SOS Ambassador, Wendy Turner-Webster

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