John Junior SOS Ambassador

SOS are delighted to welcome mental health activist John Junior (they/them), also known as John and Charlie’s Journey, onboard as an Ambassador.

John is a passionate mental health activist, fighting for better mental health therapy, working closely with charities, lobbying MPs, and raising awareness. John was born with XXY Syndrome, meaning they have an extra X female Chromosome

John created the suicide and mental illness awareness movement ‘John & Charlie’s Journey’ in 2019, and in 2020 the “(DBT) dialectical behaviour therapy for all campaign’ helping to ensure anyone who is suicidal and has self-destructive behaviours, could access this treatment more widely on the NHS throughout the UK.

As a media personality, John credits Hollyoaks cast member Ashley Taylor Dawson. with saving his life.  BBC Radio 5 filmed John thanking Ashley.

John, who believes mood is temporary, is well known for his upbeat personality, says “men don’t like to talk because it make us look weak, we’re not weak, we’re human, its okay to cry, its okay to reach out for help”

John is currently working on a film “The Mood is Temporary” based on the struggles of their life and inspired by a Hollyoaks story line.

”I am honoured to of been invited to join SOS as an ambassador, we are going to amazing things together.”

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