Lorna Hackett SOS Trustee

Lorna Hackett Overview

Lorna Hackett is a barrister specialising in human rights and public law, and is head of legal practice at Hackett & Dabbs LLP. She has a particular interest in representing the most vulnerable in society, and an expertise in high profile cases and those in which there is a potential for significant media interest. She is a long standing campaigner for prisoners serving imprisonment for public protection (IPP) who often suffer from serious mental health issues. Lorna is passionate about removing the stigma attached to mental illness and seeks through her work with SOS to encourage people to share their experiences and to ask for help.

Within SOS

Lorna helps support the Charity by offering legal opinion and guidance where it is needed.  Lorna has also facilitated the introduction of supportive individuals and organisations to SOS, some of whom have donated much needed resources to our charity.  Lorna also oversees and updates our policy documentation

Lorna is passionate about preserving emotional wellbeing and the problems that arise from poor mental health.

SOS Ambassadors
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