SOS have recently launched the second mental health impact survey on behalf of the Back to 60 womens’ pension campaign.

In less than a week, we’re not far off reaching 1000 submissions.

Some of our  results are detailed below (the rest will follow when the survey closes in the middle of October) and you can also read the front page article in  The Independent 

The survey will be live for submissions until after World Mental Health Day on 10th October, (which co-incides with the #shouldertoshoulder rally in London) so please do complete it and share amongst friends and family who may be affected by the SPA deferral.

For up to date information from the Backto60 Campaign please click here

All questions asked were in direct relation to the affects felt following SPA deferral. 873 responses have been received so far.

* 22%  (192) of women say they are aware of  others engaging in self harm.

*26% (227) of women say they are aware of other women who’ve ended their lives by suicide

* A staggering 40% (349) of women are aware of other women who’ve self harmed or made attempts to take their own lives.

* 85% (742) of women say they have no benefits to replace their lost State Pension.

* 11% (96) of women are using foodbanks, regularly or sometimes.

*15% (131) of women have self harmed daily, weekly, monthly or once

*8% (69) of women have attempted to take their own lives either once or more than once

*36% (314) of women have had feelings of wanting to self harm

*50% (436) of women have experienced feelings of suicide, with 4% saying they feel like this every day

Thank you to all ladies who’ve taken the time to complete the suvey –  Your voices in numbers


#It’s timetostopthesilence





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