Day 3 of Mental Health Awareness Week ( #MHAW ) and we’re keen to encourage a ‘no boundaries’ attitude towards suicide and mental health issues, by helping to eliminate silence, stigma and isolation.

We can only move forward by initiating dialogue and keeping it open.  The boundaries that encase stigma and silence should play no part in today’s society and people should be allowed to express themselves honestly and openly without fearing prejudice and recrimination.

Vulnerable people who are suffering should not have to live with shame and fear.  They should not have to feel isolated or that they are burdens.  It is up to us, the global society, to reach out to them and support them however we can. And for those who feel unable to extend this kind of empathy and understanding towards fellow human beings, then it is they that should be ashamed.

We’re talking more than ever, more openly than ever, about mental health and suicide.  But there are still huge craters of ignorance and intolerance fuelling the stigma, still those who consider these topics a ‘no go zone’ and erect judgemental boundaries, usually because they’re fearful themselves or through a lack of education.

It is up to all of us, everywhere, to ensure we live in a world without mental health boundaries.  Let’s keep talking, supporting and breaking down barriers.

“It’s time to stop the silence”

A poem for MHAW

During mental health awareness week, consider those who struggle to


But simply sit, and stare and weep,

Unable to find their own voice, their tongues redundant, lost in a void

Of sadness and isolation, edging nearer to desperation

The only company sitting patiently at their feet

Is the black dog called Lost, waiting, watching, wanting,

Not his Master’s best friend, as with twitching jowls and impatient whines

Salivating, he waits to assert his full control, consuming what is not his to devour,

You’re not as powerless as you may think, break down the barriers, pull back from the brink,

Step back from the dog, abandon the foe,

It’s for you, not he, to decide which path you should follow.

A problem shared is a problem diluted, so reach out with your hands

Call out from your soul, and let society help you realise your goals.

No room for boundaries, no reason for fear, speak out, speak proud, your voice we want to hear.

© SOS Silence of Suicide 2017






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