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Today,  26 March 2018, The Wright Initiative hosted their monthly SOS meeting in Nottinghamshire.  TWI have been hosting meetings on our behalf for over a year now and we are indebted to Norman Wright and his team for their dedication, support and professionalism.

Future TWI SOS events will be listed on our website shortly, so if you’re local to Nottingham, or happy to travel, then please feel free to register for your free space(s).


On Sunday 25 March 2018, we spent a few hours at the University of Leicester, as part of their ‘Wellbeing Matters’ campaign, where we held a combined SOS & FoLaD (festival of life and death) event.

SOS, hosted by Michael and Yvette, was ably supported by Dr Raj Persaud and our latest SOS Ambassador, Willie Thorne.

It was an emotive afternoon and as always, lots of people had much to say based on their experience of suicide and mental wellbeing issues in general.

We wish everyone who attended the very best in their psychological journeys – our email is always open to anyone who needs to speak with us.

We owe the Samaritans a huge thank you for attending and remaining after the event for those who wanted a quiet, private conversation.

The FoLaD element of the afternoon saw us lighten the tempo with words and music from some astouding performers, all of whom had personal reasons to connect with the mental wellbeing theme.

We hope no one is excluded in our list and apologise in advance if this is the case, but we’d like to thank FoLaD creator, Alan Chapman, those at the University who helped pull this event together including the wonderful ladies who ensured the tea and coffee was constantly on tap and the performers themselves.

We have some staggering talent in this country which is under-recognised. David Parkin, Daryl Kirkland, Pete Hirst and Phil Seaman from Refuge and a special guest appearance from Fredrik Ferrier.

A special thank you to everyone who donated to SOS for a copy of my poetry book – this raised over £30.00 on the day.  Sincere thanks to you all.

Thank you everyone.  You were part of something very special last Sunday.

Willie Thorne
Willie Thorne
Dr Raj Persaud



Finally, in today’s news – an image which really makes you stop and think.  It’s impact is profound.

Project 84 is all about male suicide, initiated by the Charity CALM.  Currently, 84 men take their lives by suicide every single week.

Life size sculptures on top of the ITV Studios this morning created a visual impact that no-one could ignore.  It gives another meaning, creates additional awareness, to the facts and figures we skim over regularly.  These sculptures could not be missed, could not be skimmed.  They forced you to look at the silent message they were presenting.

Please click HERE to read the full story from Sky News.


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