Our Trustees

Michael Mansfield QC

Michael Mansfield QC

Michael Mansfield QC is one of Britain’s most well known Barristers and was called to the Bar in 1967. He then established Tooks Chambers in 1984 and became Queen’s Counsel in 1989. He now heads Nexus Chambers.

Michael has represented defendants in criminal trials, appeals and inquiries in some of the most controversial legal cases the country has seen, particularly where issues of Civil Liberty have arisen.

In 2015 Michael tragically lost one of his daughters, Anna, to suicide and despite the terrible devastation, he was determined something positive should result. This is when he decided, with his wife Yvette Greenway-Mansfield, to form SOS Silence of Suicide, in order that no one should have to suffer in silence from mental health issues and feelings of suicide.

In November 2017, Michael celebrated 50 years at the Bar – a huge achievement.

Besides his day job, Michael addresses political and legal conferences.

Michael is a vegetarian and Patron of Viva.

Miranda Leslau

Miranda Leslau

Miranda Leslau, founder of Miranda Leslau PR, is one of the world’s leading maverick, multi-lingual communications’ experts and PR strategists who has recently extended her portfolio of work to include agent representation for authors and corporate clients under #nofilter talent. Advising at Board level since she was 19 and chosen as one of 60 official Team GB Translators/Interpreters at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Miranda has built up a 30-year practical proven track record working with celebrities, international governments, entrepreneurs, public bodies, charities and FMCG companies the world over. Miranda was also headhunted to lecture for two universities on Public Relations, namely Boston University, USA and The University of Buckingham, UK, aged just 30. Her emotionally intelligent approach to life, people and work is ‘unique’ in the truest sense of this over-used word; she is direct, trustworthy, authentic, resilient, tenacious (in the right way) and her brain is as creative as it is mercurial – her life mantra is “To make a difference…”  Miranda is able to see both macro and micro and is a hard-working and reliable individual who has an inspirational and sometimes tragic life story to tell that is worthy of a film. She is also funny, loves her dog Jackson and can make a perfect omelette. Her interest in mental health and, in particular the mental wellbeing of the young, is based on personal experience as a vulnerable child and adult, in addition to being an empath and sensitive to the sometimes harsh world in which we live. Miranda hopes to add value to the existing SOS Silence of Suicide Trustee team and is currently a Make-A-Wish Ambassador and about-to-be-appointed Trustee for Lifeworks Charity in the South West.

SOS are delighted to welcome Miranda on board.

Anthony Cash

Anthony Cash

SOS Silence of Suicide are delighted to announce the appointment of Anthony Cash as a Trustee.

Tony has been with SOS in a supportive and voluntary capacity since 2015, when we were founded.  Tony helped organise and launch our very first SOS meeting in Leamington Spa.

Since then, Tony has been with us throughout our development and we are delighted to offer him a more formal role within our Charity.

Outside of his work at a local primary school, Tony is a keen DJ and also a highly skilled actor, having appeared in many local amateur dramatics productions.

Tony says: ‘I’ve worked with SOS since it started and it’s fantastic to see how it’s grown to help so many people.  I’m looking forward to a time when physical meetings are possible again as there’s no doubt that the SOS meetings make a huge difference to everyone who attends.  In the meantime,  I will continue to support SOS in any way I can and I am very excited about what the future holds for this amazing Charity.

Vicky Nash

Vicky Nash

Chronic illness advocate, vlogger and SOS Volunteer Vicky Nash joins the board of Trustees

I live in a small town just outside of Blackpool in Lancashire & I am truly honoured to be a trustee for SOS and feel so passionate about the work the charity does.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses which left me disabled and needing daily support.

Some incredibly difficult times followed, emotionally, financially and obviously physically trying to navigate a new life with disabilities and chronic illness. It was tough. My mental health took a huge knock and I really struggled to come to terms with all that was happening in my life.

Dave, my partner, was also hit with really severe depression and refused to speak about it for such a long time. I think men are more inclined to take this approach when it comes to their own mental health, they try to ignore it or brush it under the carpet. Eventually I managed to persuade him to seek help via our GP who was wonderful. I would say this saved his life! It’s so important to talk.

Sadly, Dave and I have both lost friends to suicide, facing the devastation and heartbreak that comes with this loss can be all consuming. You ask yourself so many questions when a loved one takes their own life! It’s devastating.

Going through so much at a young age gave me a whole new perspective on life.

I was lucky enough to develop a fantastic primary care team who helped me gain some stability with my health, which I am hugely grateful for. This gave me the opportunity to consider what I wanted to do with my life going forward. Giving my time to charity is now something so important to me and close to my heart. I am very passionate about giving back to those people who give up their time to support people like me in our hour of need. Charity work is so rewarding, I am now the one in a position to be able to support those facing difficult times. I also have a small but growing YouTube channel with Dave where we vlog daily life with chronic illness, the difficulties and challenges we face and also use that platform to educate others by raising awareness of the very misunderstood conditions I face.

In 2018 I began volunteering for a charity which supports those with one of my diagnosed conditions and was soon asked to become a Trustee for that charity.

In Autumn 2020, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, I decided to give more of my time to help those in need. I felt compelled to help others & support those who suffer in silence.

Tom Humphriss

Tom Humphriss

Tom is currently undertaking his Legal Practice Course to become a Solicitor after graduating University with a Law degree.

Tom feels that he can use his past and present experiences throughout his student life to relate to the struggles young adults face. This is why he believes SOS is a vital platform to promote change.

Tom is passionate about creating a stigma free environment to allow people to feel comfortable when talking about their Mental Health. In particular, he believes it is very important to address the escalating crisis in young adults who face numerous pressures to succeed. Sadly, like many he has also experienced the tragic loss of a friend through Mental Illness.

Lorna Hackett

Lorna Hackett

Lorna Hackett is a barrister specialising in human rights and public law, and is head of legal practice at Hackett & Dabbs LLP. She has a particular interest in representing the most vulnerable in society, and an expertise in high profile cases and those in which there is a potential for significant media interest. She is a long standing campaigner for prisoners serving imprisonment for public protection (IPP) who often suffer from serious mental health issues. Lorna is passionate about removing the stigma attached to mental illness and seeks through her work with SOS to encourage people to share their experiences and to ask for help.