We’re aware from Muslim people we’ve met at SOS meetings, that the stigma surrounding suicide for certain religions makes it extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, for these people to not only speak out, but to identify a service that ensures their confidentiality remains intact.  Living in fear of their feelings is distressing enough for them, but to have to try and manage these feelings themselves, with no support whatsoever, must be distressing beyond belief.  Imagine, thinking there’s no way you can get any support….

So, here’s the link to a positive article about Mental Health Therapy for Muslim people, who are encouraged to use their faith as part of their treatment and recovery plan.

There are of course pros and cons, and it’s not to everyone’s liking – it’s up to individuals to decide whether or not it could, or does, work for them.

Whether the protocol can be rolled out amongst other faiths, only time will tell.  But NHS projects such as this one, are at least a step in the right direction of providing mental health resources to everyone, whatever their race or faith.

This particular project was based upon research from Leeds University.



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