Demi Lovato is doing a fantastic job of raising awareness of mental health issues and I hope that amongst the younger age groups, there is a realisation that it is ok to talk about how you’re feeling  – in fact, it’s absolutely essential and silence has NO place within the mental wellbeing arena at all.

BBC Newsbeat have an article online today about Demi’s support for a group of mental health organisations known as Be Vocal, Speak Up For Mental Health and later this month she will be presented with the Artistic Award of Courage in LA, United States by Lisa Kudrow at the Open Mind Gala.

It can’t be easy being in the spotlight when your every word, every move is hungrily devoured and analysed by the world, and Demi admits that she was originally uncertain about speaking out:

“The singer told Marie Claire that she was was initially hesitant about revealing her mental health struggles.However, she says that “it’s so important to be vocal about the things you’re dealing with – you never know the life you could live if you’re sharing your experiences with others.”

She adds that she wanted to use her voice “for something greater than singing.” (Extract from BBC Newsbeat Online article 4/3/17)

A film called Beyond Silence was released last month by Be Vocal, Speak Up For Mental Health and it follow three people who’ve changed their lives by speaking up and speaking out, for mental health.  You can view the film by clicking the link below, which takes you to the Organisation’s website:

If you want to read the full BBC Newsbeat article, then click on the following link:

SOS Silence of Suicide – #Timetostopthesilence


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