Labour’s head of mental health campaign, Luciana Berger, is calling on Theresa May to deliver ‘tangible action’ as well as continuing to fight and eradicate stigma surrounding mental health issues.

It’s a fact that successive Governments have long under-estimated the rapidity of growth and severity of mental health issues.  Additionally, there has been a catastrophic failure to ensure that whatever funding is available, reaches the right people by delivering the right services, when and where they are needed, not 6 months after a patient presents as vulnerable.

The article in The Independent today, claims a 50% rise of unexpected deaths over the last 3 years with funding cuts of £150 million over the last 4 years, according to figures obtained from over half of England’s mental health trusts.

The Department of Health explains that new reporting procedures mean the figures are higher.

Norman Lamb MP (Lib Dem) in our opinion, hits the nail on the head:

‘Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, who served as care minister in the last coalition government, said hundreds of millions of pounds earmarked for children’s mental health care but spent on plugging gaps left by cuts amounted to “theft”.

“Much of the additional £1.4bn of funding secured for child mental health care is being diverted to prop up other services. This amounts to theft of money intended to improve the lives of vulnerable young people,” he said following Ms May’s speech.

“Sadly, mental health is often the first area which loses out when budgets are tight. Unless the government addresses the funding crisis facing the NHS and ensures extra investment gets through to where it’s needed, we will not see the improvements in mental health care that are so badly needed.” (Taken from The 7/2/17)



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