Suicide Awareness

Some of our fundraising heroes

In 2023, this page will be updated regularly to acknowledge and thank all those who fundraise for our charity.

In the meantime, if you’re starting a fundraiser for SOS and would like it featured on this page, please write to with as much information as possible and we will get you listed.

Thank you to everyone who’s fundraised and donated to our charity.  Your donations ensure we keep helping others and we are beyond grateful.  Thank you all so very much

Our fundraisers play a huge part in ensuring our suicide awareness work develops and continues, allowing us to support the most vulnerable

If you’d like to have your fundraiser featured on our site, please get in touch by


Our Fundraising Heroes

Keele University’s Law Society

We’d like to thank members Keele University’s Law Society who raised over their £1500.00 target by successfully completing the Welsh 3 Peak Challenge in 1 day!

Those who took part in this gruelling challenge filmed some of their journey and we thought it worthy of sharing with you all. We think you’ll agree, they did themselves proud!

Thank you Keele Law Society on behalf of everyone at SOS for your suicide awareness and mental health awareness initiative.

Skydiving Against Stigma


Anna Mansfield was just 44 when she died by suicide on 1 May 2015, leaving behind a devastated, loving family including her husband and 2 young children.

The loss of Michael’s daughter Anna, alongside the loss by suicide of Yvette’s friend 5 months previously, are the reasons SOS was founded.

Anyone bereaved by suicide fully understands the devastation losing a loved one to suicide brings.

SOS has always had one core aim – to help grow conversation and compassion by reducing shame, stigma and silence around suicide.

To honour the memory of Anna and all those who’ve passed by suicide and to speak out against stigma, on 1 May 2021, the 6th anniversary of Anna’s passing, 5 people went ‘Skydiving against Stigma’ for SOS at Hinton Airfield in Brackley, Oxfordshire.  They collectively raised well over £6,000 which is staggering and we’d like to thank everyone for their participation and support.

3 of our support line volunteers alongside TV psychologist Emma Kenny and her husband Peter,  bravely skydived for us and we send our deepest gratitude to them all.

Our thanks to our partner Travel Radio for encouraging Emma to dive for us!

Thanks to Hinton Airfield who supplied some of the content and to Dave & Vicky Nash for editing.

Will Field’s Crowdfunder

To Will and all his supporters, a very big thank you!

If you want to support Will, please click HERE

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