Earl has been a criminal barrister for 15 years having previously had a career in education, first as a law lecturer then as a manager.  His work as a lawyer has given some insight into how neglected mental health problems can go on to cause lasting widespread problems for individuals and families.   He has benefitted from the insight into some of these issues provided by his partner, who as a psychologist, works with families with significant wellbeing issues.  He is pleased to see the recent raised awareness of suicide and associated mental illness. He hopes to support SOS in its crucial commitment to promoting this important conversation.

Tom Humphriss

Tom is currently undertaking his Legal Practice  Course to become a Solicitor after graduating University with a Law degree.
Tom feels that he can use his past and present experiences throughout his student life to relate to the struggles young adults face. This is why he believes SOS is a vital platform to promote change.
Tom is passionate about creating a stigma free environment to allow people to feel comfortable when talking about their Mental Health. In particular, he believes it is very important to address the escalating crisis in young adults who face numerous pressures to succeed. Sadly, like many he has also experienced the tragic loss of a friend through Mental Illness.


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