Our thanks this week to Alan Chapman, another SOS user and supporter of the free service we offer to anyone affected by suicide.

I’ve personally engaged with Alan via email since the inception of SOS Silence of Suicide in 2015 and both Michael and myself were honoured to meet him in person at the SOS event in London last December.

A keen musician, Alan lost his beloved partner, and talented singer, Leanne to suicide in 2015 and like many bereaved by suicide, he has struggled to come to terms with Leanne’s decision as well as dealing with his own emotional fragility which is a daily battle for him.

However, what Alan says is inspirational and it proves two critical points.  One, that talking and sharing your story, your feelings, your thoughts is crucial for your own mental wellbeing.  Two, that recording your thoughts, whether it be through writing, speaking or through film, is one of the most therapeutic and beneficial self help mechanisms you can employ.  Given the waiting times, lack of services and the absence of service continuity, it is vital that people realise there is another way forward, another way to start addressing losses and mental wellbeing – and that way rests with you.

Please listen to and share Alan’s podcast.

Thank you Alan and our best wishes for a positive and happy future.  The link below is to Alan’s free ethical learning and development resource for people and organisations called BusinessBalls.

Alan did not ask me to incorporate the link, but it may be useful for some of you.



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