In the second podcast to be made available exclusively on our website, we invite you to listen to Hope Garner, who sadly lost her Dad to suicide just 2 weeks after her wedding in July 2014.

Hope wrote to Yvette & Michael, recounting her story and saying she would like to fundraise for SOS by doing a skydive.  Whilst we were overjoyed that Hope had approached us with her offer of help in the midst of her own sadness, we did both hold our breath at the thought of someone jumping from thousands of feet!

Nevertheless, Hope went ahead with her skydive in 2016 at Langar Airfield in Nottingham and if she had any nerves they didn’t show.  She was a ball of fun, excitement and positivity before and after her jump.  I’m glad to say my feet remained rooted on terra firma!

The most endearing quality about Hope (and she has many such qualities) is that despite her own turmoil, she constantly thinks about ways she can reach out to others and help make a difference.  She is probably the most unselfish person I have ever met.

Hope raised over £4k through her jump – an amazing achievement by anyone’s standards and we will remain forever thankful. For all involved though, including Hope, it was about raising awareness, encouraging communication and eradicating the silence that really mattered.

A friendship and mutual respect that began in 2015 has blossomed and Hope will always be considered part of the SOS family as well as a close personal friend.  We owe her and her family much.

Hope’s podcast is reflective, thought provoking and, typically Hope, thankful for the things that are, the changes that can be made, the positives that exist.  As one of her Dad’s favourite artists, Bob Marley, once sang – Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright.

Thank you to Hope Garner.

Listen to Hope’s exclusive podcast here:

Link to Hope Garner skydive video is here:

Note: At the time of Hope’s skydive, SOS had a working relationship with the Kaleidoscope Plus Group, who helped organise and support the event in aid of SOS.

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