The Personal Report – February 2017 – Podcast

Tracy Carnahan from Belfast is a brave, determined lady who Michael and I met at an SOS Silence of Suicide event in Belfast last year, alongside Falls Road based Suicide Awareness and Support Group.

Her soft voice and gentle manner betray an inner strength that is astounding. This is a lady who’s not going to give up the fight in the name of her beloved son, SeanPaul.  Her tremendously tiring battles are what keep her going. Tracy shows just what the determined human spirit is capable of.  If SeanPaul could see his mum now, he’d be an incredibly proud young man.

Be warned, the audio clip at the end of this article is not easy listening, but then, it shouldn’t be.  The raw emotion with which Tracy tells her story, the cruel tragedy of SeanPaul’s situation, cannot fail to affect you.

Sadly, there are far too many suicides amongst SeanPaul’s age group and young people are as vulnerable now, more so perhaps, than they were 4 years ago in 2013 when Sean-Paul, aged just 22, attempted to take his own life.

As Tracy says: ‘At the inquest I trusted the Coroner for the truth but he also let me down in a very cruel manner he ignored his own expert opinion who said malnutrition was a contributing factor and also the independent report from the hospital with 9 recommendations.. He highly commended the Doctors, Nurses and the Belfast trust for the care they give Seanpaul.  He commended the trust legal team .. The inquest was a farce and insult to Seanpaul, me and his brothers and sisters…It seems the coroner service will not tell the truth about hospital deaths and supports the hospital in their cover up ‘

Determined to fight for the truth and justice Tracy believes is due, she is planning a rally at Belfast City Hall on 11 March 2017 at 3pm in memory of SeanPaul.  Tracy also wants the rally to be used to protest about his treatment at Belfast City Hospital.
Tracy says ‘ We also want to put an end to the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway and the use of the joint protocols which protect Doctors and Hospitals from any proper investigation.  Thank you all for your support and please attend our rally’
Thank you to Tracy for sharing her story with SOS Silence of Suicide.

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