Saturday 11 March 2017 is a day Michael and I won’t forget in a hurry – the huge success of the rally in Belfast.

I confess to a degree of nervousness as this is the first time I’d spoken at a rally, which is very different to the kind of speaking I usually do.  But I wanted to do a good job for Tracy and I had to try and swallow my nerves.

It was the day I addressed the Truth, Justice & Accountability Rally on behalf of Tracy Carnahan, in memory of her son, Seanpaul Carnahan and our aim is to obtain a fresh inquest into his death at Belfast City Hospital in 2013.

The day started grey and drizzly, but by the time we’d donned our Seanpaul t-shirts and walked round to Belfast City Hall, the sun was shining and there was a real buzz in the air – anticipation, appreciation and excitement.  Excitement because by now, it is well recognised that group action, collective support, can encourage change and help normal people get the answers and justice they deserve.

Tracy Carnahan has spent the last 4 years in despair.  Life has not been kind to Tracy, who has suffered more than one loss, and maybe that’s what makes her such a fighter, because she is fiercely determined to get the truth about Seanpaul’s care and subsequent death through a new inquest.

Having read thousands of documents, the conflicting and contradictory accounts contained within the reports and statements are astounding; the coroner’s own rejection of the expert report he ordered, the fact that despite Seanpaul’s drug/history problems, no toxicology tests were done before they injected him with sedative after sedative, although he remained unstable, restless and agitated.



The fact that there was no dietetic funding in ICU, the time the Brain Unit took to get involved, the lack of checking Seanpaul’s weight, – generally, shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted in addition to senior staff deciding he had no chance of a meaningful life (?) and therefore as he was expected to die they weren’t bothered about his nutritional care.  And the Coroner states, after all of this, that the staff did their best in his opinion.  Strange opinion Mr Coroner if you don’t mind me saying so.

At one point, Seanpaul had one days feed in TWO WEEKS.  And this is ‘good, dedicated care’ is it?  Anyone who accepts this is completely mad.

I’ve only touch on the very basics but there is much more to this case than what is outlined above.

Tracy’s solicitor will now be preparing submissions to put to the Attorney General, who did in fact reply to my request for a few words.  Sadly Bernie Owens of Belfast City Hospital never manages to find the time to make any comment at all.  Perhaps a fresh inquest may help her to manage her diary….

The full video is below – please enjoy, continue to sign the petition and please share, share, share.  This is just the BEGINNING – we have a long journey ahead and we’ll make sure we tread every single mile of it.

Thank you all for your support yesterday, online, through social media and to those who stopped us in the street to talk.  You are all #seanpaulsvoice

The video has had over 7 thousand views.  The petition has over 7.5 thousand signatures.  And they’re still coming thick and fast. More Success!

Remember, Tracy’s story could be YOUR story tomorrow.  Please support by sharing and liking this post.

THANK YOU EVERYONE.  Let’s ensure yesterday’s success ensures we get the fresh inquest that is so badly needed.  TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH!


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