Return Form For Spotcheckers

Email Information

This form should never combine more than one shift. Please enter the date of the ONE shift you are reporting back on
You may have supported more than one volunteer during this shift. Please give the names of all you supported. If you did not have to provide support, please write No support given. You should ensure you get the volunteer's ALIAS name in order to complete this form correctly
Please tell us why the volunteer(s) needed your support. Be thorough in your explanation. Please include if you contacted the volunteer or if they contacted you via email?
If other please notify Lolly via email, thanks
Use this space to tell us anything else you feel might be useful or we should know. Please type NA if nothing to add
At all times from 28/1/23 communication is via email only (excluding any times you need to intervene actual calls) Remember, emails must be copied into . This is so we can monitor safeguarding processes and provide additional support to anyone who may need it.

Nimvelo Support

This section is only for Nimvelo feedback.
This should only be done as a last resort, after email agreement between yourself and your frontline volunteer
You should listen to the recordings for the evening if Nimvelo will not allow you to listen in live and/or there are quiet periods with no calls (unlikely) and you can catch up on live calls you may have been unable to listen into earlier in the shift. Please do not worry if you cannot listen to any
Please type No issue if not relevant
This is so we can more effectively manage safeguarding and provide additional support to anyone who may need it.
Tell us if your mental health is being impacted by volunteering with SOS
Do you still have down time for yourself despite volunteering for us?
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form to help us monitor our phone line as a whole. If there is anything you would like to add - comment, suggestion, query, please do so here. Thank you again.
How many interventions were completed on this shift by you and the frontline volunteer? An intervention may be: a) You called 999 for assistance b) You managed to talk someone down from a suicidal state to a more stable, no risk state c)As you were listening to another volunteer, one of your front liners called in a 999 themselves You and your frontliner should agree on the TOTAL number of interventions during the shift before completing the form. We will be monitoring our interventions every shift from 14/3/23, thanks all.
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