Rolling out during 2023

During 2023, the following projects are being rolled out by SOS Silence of Suicide.  We will update on this page to keep you up to date with how we are progressing and what these roll outs mean for those people we support.

Below are some of the projects SOS will be busy putting together and rolling out this year:

*Recruitment – to enable us to better serve those who need us and creating jobs during an economically challenging time for so many

*The opening of our very first  SOS Hub, for local communities to come together and make new friends, talk about how they are feeling and coping and grab a cuppa!  Families will be welcome in this all inclusive space.

*Switch over from our standard rate 0300 number to our brand new freephone service.  This is already achieved, well ahead of time and begins on 1 March 2023, ensuring everyone has equal access to our services, regardless of what they wish to discuss

*In house events at our new premises and the opening of 2 more hubs over the next 2 years

*Updating our inhouse course material and extending this onto the open market following accreditation

*Delivery of support services in house to our more local communities, supporting displaced and disadvantaged individuals and families

*Growing our pool of excellent volunteers to include community based, face to face volunteers also.  This will be advertised in the next few days.

*If you are interested in our current volunteer opportunities, then please read and apply if you think it’s the role for you.

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