Our volunteers do an amazing job.  They give their time freely, but most importantly, give kindness and understanding.

Which is why SOS is committed to safeguarding them.

Our service wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers.  We all owe it to them to look after them and value the incredible role that they play. Their role is not easy.  Calls can be long and be challenging.  They can also be emotionally draining – after all, volunteers are only human. Their safety, comfort and mental wellbeing is paramount: Volunteers will never reveal any personal information during a call, and reserve the right to terminate any call in which they don’t feel comfortable. If a difficult call has left a volunteer with some challenging feelings, then the SOS Silence of Suicide leadership is here to support them in any way possible.

We’d just like to remind everyone that our volunteers are here to support and be treated with the respect they deserve. We will never hesitate to prosecute or investigate claims of abuse against them.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

The Board of Trustees of SOS Silence of Suicide




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