SOS Silence of Suicide wish to distribute ‘Grow Your Own’ seasonal vegetable and herb packs into our local community, but we need help to do this.

We are looking for product donations from Garden Centres and nurseries in the Warwickshire area to help us implement and roll out this critical project.

We will bundle the packs items together and deliver them to Leamington based Charity Helping Hands who will then distrbute them amongst the most needy in our local area , many of whom have mental health fragilities alongside social and economic difficulties, including cramped or poor living environments, a lack of outside space and being financially challenged.

We hope this project will provide the following benefits:

  • Provide homegrown, healthy vegetables and herbs helping to improve physical and mental health through an improved diet
  • Giving some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community a beneficial focus and interest
  • Encourage an appetite for healthier eating
  • Provide focus, enjoyment, education and engagement through being pro-active

We would like to provide grow your own kits that consist of:

  • Packets of seasonal vegetable and herb seeds
  • Lightweight planters (or equivalent containers) that could fit on  window ledges or balcony areas if there is no communal or private outside space available
  • Mini packs of compost that provide enough coverage for one planter or container.
  • Mini watering can
  • Any specific instructings or advice that may be helpful

When do we need these items?

As soon as possible please!!

How much do we need and how often?

We would like 400  kits per month and would like this to be an ongoing project for at least the next 6 months.  Each kit will contain 2 planters, 2 packs of seeds and 2 packs of compost (mini)

How to get in touch if you can help:

Please email quoting Leamington Growing Kits or text us on 07933044407 and we will get back to you.

On behalf of ourselves, Helping Hands and our local community, thank you in advance


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