31 January 2017 saw SOS make its first visit to Manchester – and what a successful and productive evening it turned out to be.

Kindly sponsored by Manchester City Council, this event was held at the Friend’s Meeting Room in Mount Street and the venue was perfect for the 80 or so people who attended.

The audience listened intently as Danny Sculthorpe described his descent into depression and feelings of suicide following injury and subsequent end of career life changes.

We had one of the most prolific audience engagements ever at an SOS event.  The clock ran out on the number of people who wanted to speak, but we managed to hear the thoughts and experiences from a healthy volume.

It was fabulous that so many mental wellbeing support groups were in attendance and we extend our thanks to all of them for their input on the evening.

Manchester City Council have been tracking our stats for #silenceofsuicide and it’s fitting that on #timetotalk day we share our success in encouraging open communication


Thank you to everyone who came on the night – without your contribution, SOS simply wouldn’t happen.



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