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For many people, attending an SOS Silence of Suicide event for the first time takes bravery.  For some, this comes over a period of time, for others, they are able to manage it straight away.

Each month we’d like to feature your story in the form of a Podcast which we can share amongst our growing legion of followers.  Writing and speaking are very often cathartic and positive experiences, releasing much of the tension and anguish that has built up within ourselves.

So, if you’ve not been to an SOS Event yet, but have a story you’d like to record onto a podcast for us to share on social media, please email it to .

For those who have been to an event, we’d also like your submissions to share across our social media platforms, perhaps coupled with a few words as to why you attended SOS and what you gained from the experience.

Podcasts should ideally be about 10 minutes long, which is longer than you think when you’re speaking non-stop!

We look forward to receiving your podcasts and thank you in advance for sharing them with us.

SOS Silence of Suicide – It’s time to stop the silence

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