Strength in Unity applies in many life situations and none less than the fight by women born in the 1950s who are fighting to have their pension age taken back to 60 and with it, the money they invested, they saved and which is their rightful due.

SOS Silence of Suicide is offering support to the millions of women affected by Government policy and have seen a dramatic impact on their mental health, working closely with #BackTo60 campaign group.  However, we are here to support any women who’ve seen their psychological health deteriorate as a direct result of changes to their pension.

Our survey has over 6500 responses thus far and we expect this to increase.  Breaking down all the responses into critical data which we will share is going to take a little time, but from what we’ve seen so far, we know that women have been pushed to the brink by the changes in their due pension date deferral – thoughts of suicide and self harm are, sadly, common place amongst this particular group of women.

Life is an everyday stress for many of us.  Burdening the vulnerable with unfair, unjust changes only adds to their despondency.

Alongside @AnnaCCampaigns and acclaimed film-maker Jasper Warry, SOS Silence of Suicide will be speaking on film to some of the women affected, encouraging them to share the impact their financial loss is having on their mental wellbeing.

There is a fundraising page in place called, appropriately, ONE VOICE and we encourage anyone who is either directly affected by these changes, or anyone who supports the women in their campaign to help us realise our target so that campaigning can reach the biggest possible audience.

Strength in Unity.  Taking back the power from the people in power.

To support the #Backto60 group on Twitter, please follow @2020Comms

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