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0300 10 20 505 Friday-Monday 8pm until midnight UK standard rate calls

'Giving your time, could give someone else a lifeline' SOS Silence of Suicide. Apply to volunteer

0300 1020 505

'SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to recognise their own self worth'  - SOS Silence of Suicide

With so many Charities out there, how do YOU decide which one most deserves your donations or fundraising efforts?

We can’t decide for you, but we’ve put together a short video clip which might help you decide if we are the Charity you should be supporting.  After all, your hard earned money deserves to go to the right home.  Somewhere you know it will be used in a way that ensures others continue to be helped.

We are a tiny charity.  But that doesn’t stop us tackling big issues, and helping large volumes of service users.  We can only continue doing this with the help of our big hearted donors and fundraisers.  All the services we provide are free to the public.  Our phone lines are standard rate numbers, not premium rate.

Our services mean the world to our users.  As one said just recently,


What a responsibility.  But what a truth.

We are frequently told:

‘Thank you, I feel so much better now I know there’s someone who will listen to me’

‘Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re helping so many people’

‘Thank you for everything you do’

‘This is the first time I’ve ever had the courage to speak about my mental health, thank you’

‘I have tears in my eyes because you are so caring, thank you’

‘I’ve never had anyone prepared to listen to me before you’

Besides our amazing phone volunteers, we have just 1.5 people doing everything else.  Only .5 of a person receives any remuneration at all.  Every penny we get is ploughed back into our Charity.  Whether it’s improving our website functionality, advertising our services, hosting online events or implementing and  improving new & existing services,  all donations are spent wisely and with integrity.

Because of Covid, we have had to change our service delivery.  We now have a phone line and an online chat platform for those who do not like using a phone and we’re working with lots of business and educational establishments to help everyone through times of uncertainty, challenge and hardship.  We are doing more,  reaching more people, than ever before.  And the demand is growing.  Every single day.

Which is why every single penny counts.  It doesn’t matter how small your donation, it helps make a difference.

Please, if you can, donate what you can afford.  You will help us to continue helping others.  Through one of the most challenging times any of us have ever faced.

Thank you from us all at SOS Silence of Suicide