Volunteer Recruitment on Sky TV

Volunteer Recruitment Campaign on Sky TV – July 2021

As part of our volunteer recruitment campaign during 2021, our advert will be running in selected geographical UK locations between 5th July and 3rd August 2021.

If you want to apply to join us as telephone or email support volunteers, then please complete our application form

For other volunteering opportunities, please look at our other pages for more information.

For geographical locations where the advert is not running, you can view it via our social media platforms, YouTube channel, or directly through our website.

SOS would like to thank Matt and Selena at Sky TV and Tony Quinsee-Jover of Ad agency HD Heaven.

In addition, our sincere thanks go to the following SOS Ambassadors who kindly contributed to this project:

Hugh Quarshie, Emma Kenny, Rob Rinder, Gary Webster, James Harknett, Wendy Turner-Webster.

And to the Trustees, managers, volunteers and admin team at SOS for working so hard as part of a fantastic team

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Volunteer Recruitment on Sky TV .ย  July 2021