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'Giving your time, could give someone else a lifeline' SOS Silence of Suicide. Apply to volunteer

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'SOS is about building individual and collective resilience, empowering everyone to recognise their own self worth'  - SOS Silence of Suicide

Volunteer Application Form

Want to train and work from the comfort of your own home, regardless of where you are based?

Want training and ongoing support and the opportunity to develop new, transferrable skills? The YOU could be perfect for SOS and its service users.

If you’re reliable and passionate about supporting vulnerable people,  have excellent listening skills, and plenty of compassion, you could join our team of volunteers, either as a behind the scenes, or a front line phone support volunteer. Apply today!

(Please note: you may not hear back from SOS until the week training is due to commence, thank you)

Volunteer Application Form
Please complete all sections. SOS take calls and emails from minors (minimum age 12) and adults. You must be emotionally mature and resilient to apply to volunteer with us. Your information will be kept completely confidential and destroyed/deleted if you are not chosen, or decide not to, volunteer with us. Completion of training does not mean you will automatically be asked to volunteer with us. If you do proceed to volunteer with us, you will be provided with confidential information which must not be shared. You will be asked to sign an unpaid volunteer confidentiality form. Please respect our service users, our charity and its resources and only apply if you can offer at least 4 hours per week, ideally for a minimum of 3 months, unpaid volunteering with us. Please read through this form before you start completing it to ensure you have the necessary information available. Thank you
Please note, ALL volunteers are required to be able to donate at least 4 hours of their time each week, thank you
Please respect our tiny resources and do NOT apply if you are waiting to hear back from job or other volunteer applications which could change your ability and availability to volunteer with SOS. Training will not be offered to anyone whose situation could change in the next 3 months. Thank you for your understanding and honesty.
Being selected for initial training, does NOT constitute an acceptance of your application for unpaid volunteering with us. You must be available for a minimum of 3 continuous hours (anytime between 10am and 7pm) on Day 1 and 7 continuous hours (with breaks) on Days 2 and 3(9.30am until 4.30pm, fixed time). You will undertake this training regardless of the role you've applied for. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to this, thank you.
Select ALL shifts you are able to do on a weekly basis. If you have additional capacity, this will be made available to you in 2 hour slots. For non phone support volunteers, please tell us in box 4A your availability and select N/A here. Thank you
Please tell us about your regular availability. How much time per week can you donate; what days can you do this; how flexible are you.
In case of an emergency during a volunteering session, please let us know who we should contact for you.
We will NEVER contact this person unless there is an emergency.
We will NEVER contact this person unless there is an emergency.
What your interests are? Why did you choose SOS to apply to? Anything you think might be useful for us to know.
By proceeding you agree that you will be required to download a softphone app onto your device(s) in order to phone volunteer with us. You will need a stable internet connection or able to use your mobile data. We strongly recommend you use a mobile handset for downloading the app and taking calls. Thank you
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a copy of your current CV, thank you.
Please type all languages you are fluent in. If none, type NONE
Type in the date or put NA if this does not apply to you.
We may ask you about any unspent convictions if you are offered a role with us.
This application and/or any offer of an unpaid volunteering role do not constitute an offer of employment, either at the application, training or volunteering stages throughout the duration of my time with SOS
If you are a student, you should be able to tick the first 3 boxes.
Type N/A if not applicable. If you are a student, please ensure you tell us what information your place of study may need from us. If they do require information from us, they must submit this request as soon as you are accepted onto our volunteering network and before you start your volunteering schedule. Please note, we do not complete forms retrospectively, so ensure you know what processes your place of education has in place. All requests must be emailed to
Please ensure your place of learning sends requests for information ideally within 24 hours of you being offered a volunteering opportunity with us. These should be sent to
Please initial to confirm you have the permission of the people you have nominated as referees to a) share their contact details with us and b) be contacted by ourselves. If you are offered a volunteering role, we will automatically apply for references from those you have listed without further reference to yourselves.
Please provide a character referee who has known you well as an individual for at least 1 year. This does not have to be through work (if you're a student), although please do not use your spouse, partner or family members including in-laws
Please provide a character referee who has known you well as an individual for at least 1 year. This does not have to be through work (if you're a student), although please do not use your spouse, partner or family members including in-laws
If you are a student and do not/have not got an employment history, please mark N/A. An employer cannot be a family member, whether immediate or extended. By completing this section, you are confirming that this referee is not related to you directly or as an inlaw.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Passport/Driving Licence, Bus Pass, Student Card, Travel Card. If you have no photographic ID, please email to discuss.
You should be able to tick all boxes. All volunteers are required to complete and submit online forms every week, and will have access to a confidential read only document portal that contains important information and guidance. We are a charity who communicates regularly by email. Therefore, your reading, writing and understanding skills need to be of a reasonable standard, meaning, you would be able to carry out all aspects of your volunteering.
We will ask you more about this privately before we consider you for training to make sure volunteering for SOS is the right role at the right time for you.
Think carefully. Could distressing calls or emails act as triggers to you, meaning you could become unwell.

47) In order for us to monitor volunteer applications, please tick all that apply

SOS wish to promote equality and opportunity for all, encourage diverse representation and work to eliminate discrimination. We welcome applications from under represented groups
Please tick all that apply
Please tell us how much help, if any, you had completing this form. Tell us in the next field, why you needed help and who gave it to you.
Or type N/A if not applicable
An enhanced DBS check through our preferred checker will cost you ÂŁ12.00. Not all roles will be subject to a DBS check, please ask when you train with us.
Please give us more information if you have ticked yes to question 57 above, thank you or type not applicable if you have ticked NO>