We are pleased to announce that dates for SOS events at Plymouth University and the University of Exeter have now been confirmed and we shall be holding initiatives in both these locations during October 2017.  We have also had full and further discussions with the University of Bristol and shall update everyone as soon as possible. It is also hoped that in conjunction with Vincent Pericard, an SOS can be arranged at the University of Portsmouth.  Full details will be uploaded onto our events page shortly, so please check back in order to reserve your free seat(s).  Please note, all future SOS events will only be listed and bookable through our website.

In addition, we will be holding other SOS events and/or talking about our work during the next few months at venues including Leamington Peace Festival (Warwickshire) in June, holding a plenary session in conjunction with ‘Wellbeing at the Bar’ in London, again in June, hosting an SOS event at the Ministry of Justice next month, an SOS event in Auckland, New Zealand in August, a meeting with a Warwickshire based Patients’ Group in Stratford Upon Avon in June, speaking at Keele University Science Festival in July and a meeting with Emily Antcliffe at the Department of Health also in June.

Our follow up discussions with the Ministry of Justice in relation to taking SOS to inmates given the escalating incidents of self harm and suicide in prisons have been incredibly positive.  The MOJ have discussed potential benefits of SOS in the prison environment with regional leads and there has been a very positive response to trialling SOS in the near future.  We should be able to make a full announcement with all details in the next two weeks and we are extremely excited about attempting to assist those currently serving prison sentences.

Please keep checking back for all latest updates and new developments as we will announce them here first.


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