Wherever you are in the world, today is World Mental Health Day and we have taken a look at how other countries are reporting on mental health issues in their part of the world.

A crucial date in the calendar for anyone affected directly or indirectly by mental health issues, the reasons for them and the repercussions of them.  The theme for this year is Mental Health in the Workplace, with anxiety and depression two major areas up for discussion.

SOS Silence of Suicide welcome the continued drive to encourage employers to arrange provision and support for those who are vulnerable in the workplace.

Until we are all talking freely about mental health, and listening to each other, days such as today remain vital in not just raising awareness, but maintaining it.

There is much in the news today which is fantastic to see – coverage appears to be at an all time high across some media outlets, meaning the subject is being given the exposure it both needs and warrants.

Too many of us are affected by mental ill health.  Sadly, not all of us are treated with the appropriate urgency.   For some, the appointment arrives just a little too late.

Many are taking matters into their own hands and setting up their own support groups to help each other through more challenging periods.  The power of a community working together is staggering and is something anyone can set up.

From us all at SOS we wish you peace and send you love not just today, but every day.  ‘It’s time to stop the silence’.

Below are links to some of the websites we believe are worth a visit.

https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/stories – bringing stories from a wide spectrum of people struggling with their own, or someone elses, mental health issues.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/814465c5-404b-4c88-889f-45907ba1f402/mental-health the BBC have a series of shorter articles in relation to mental health – from how the Royals are commemorating this day to Northamptonshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner saying he wants to ‘examine how effective the county’s police and the criminal justice services are in supporting people with mental health issues.’ (Taken from the BBC website)

https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/three-battle-mental-health-day-13738406 has a really interesting article and video online featuring 3 men talking about their mental health issues, how they started, how they manifest themselves.  There’s also some damning data collected from a survey which you simply cannot ignore, such as:

Hundreds of people were asked to complete an online survey which asked for their opinions on the state of mental health provision across the country.

  • 180 respondent (36.59%) rated the quality of mental health services in their area as “very poor”
  • 166 (33.74%) described it as “somewhat poor”.
  • In contrast, just 25 (5.09%) people said their experiences of mental health services were “very good”.

When asked about what improvements needed to be made in mental health provision:

  • 414 (83.98%) said it needed more funding and 408 (82.76%) said access to counselling needed to come earlier. (Extracted from Wales Online)

One of the best sources for mental health articles is the Guardian.  Today is no exception, with an array of articles covering the various complexities and experiences people encounter when their mental health is damaged.

There is bound to be at least one article that we can all relate to.


Jumping across to Europe, Mental Health Europe is today discussing how to support refugees, migrants and asylum seekers’ mental health issues.

Across the pond to the United States, where Fortune’s article examines mental health issues in the workplace
Galloping across to the Southern Hemisphere:
It’s reported that 1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental ill health, but again, silence wins as a result of ongoing stigma.  Take a look at 10/10 World Mental Health Day:
And finally, Russia, who have honoured World Mental Health Day since 2002 and will be hosting the Congress on Mental Health between 19-21 October 2018 which is entitled: Congress on Mental Health, Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century

Thank you for reading

It’s time to stop the silence




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