Saturday 10 October 2020 gives us all the opportunity to acknowledge how, especially during Covid19, mental wellbeing can be destabilised.  It also gives us the chance to further reduce shame, stigma and silence by encouraging conversation.

We can also celebrate those who have successfully overcome poor emotional health.  This gives hope and encouragement to all of us.

Talking about how we feel is really important and can help us work through our feelings.  It’s also really important to listen to others who open up to us. 

SOS Volunteers can be contacted from 9am through til midnight to listen and support on 0300 1020 505

We are also hosting a ‘Comfy Cuppa & Chat’ on #WMHD between 1pm and 2pm UK time through our Facebook page

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

World Mental Health Day 2020

The World Health Organisation are hosting ‘The Big Event For Mental Health’ which is being hosted by Femi Oke.  It is being live streamed across multiple social media platforms and is the first such event for WHO

The World Federation for Mental Health , who conduct research into mental wellbeing, is another great website to visit.  You can learn loads about mental wellbeing and mental health, plus buy your ribbons for 10 October.

World Mental Health Day 2020
SOS Silence of Suicide volunteers will be here to support you.  You can contact us via online chat or on the phone by calling 0300 1020 505.




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