World Senior’s Snooker

SOS are delighted to announce that World Senior’s Snooker has chosen to fundraise for us through their #firstpoke challenge.  You can watch via facebook Monday – Friday through their page

World Senior’s Snooker alongside the WPBSA have long recognised the importance of mental health support for players, referees and coaching staff.  This fundraiser aims to increase suicide and mental health awareness both within and outside the sport, whilst raising funds for SOS to continue helping more people, more of the time.


World Seniors Snooker

This is a great opportunity to help us help others, watching some of the biggest names in the sport in action and giving a platform to lesser known and emerging talent alongside the ladies who play on the Women’s Tour.

To support us through the #firstpoke challenge, go to

World Seniors Snooker

You can learn more about us by visiting Our Story and What Where Why on this website.

The psychological benefits of playing snooker, whatever your age,  have been published by  Rohit Sagoo, Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, and himself a snooker fan.  Rohit says:

“I really wanted to shine a light on the benefits of playing snooker and to reflect this as positively as possible for snooker as a sport. Especially in terms of those who have mental health problems or social problems as well and how much snooker can contribute to overcoming those problems. I also came across within my study the level of concentration required in snooker, which I think is paramount and for those who have mental health issues or difficulties with concentration. It is particularly significant to see that applying this in sport not only improves their concentration within sport, but can also make a profound difference to their work and every day environment.

Following the publication of his study, Sagoo is looking forward to carrying out further work with the WPBSA to further explore the benefits that arise from playing the sport. In particular, he identifies the positive cognitive aspects available across a range of social groups, from children and young people, to elderly people and is convinced that his research is a key landmark in the establishment of snooker as an academic sport.” Copyright WBPSA – full report can be read by clicking HERE

We want to thank  World Senior’s Snooker, the players and everyone who donates and supports our drive for increased suicide awareness through various support services.

World Seniors Snooker


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